Women and Gender: Web Sites

Reflections by Karen King: part of the PBS From Jesus to Christ web site. Features links to texts including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Acts of Paul and Thecla.

More material from the PBS site: these reflections are written by Elizabeth Clark and Elaine Pagels.

Diotima, based at the University of Kentucky, U.S.A., is the excellent web site focusing on women and gender in the ancient world. There is a good deal of information here of use to the New Testament Scholar including the following page:

From the same Diotima site, this is their useful and extensive page on Biblical Studies.

The European Electronic Journal for Feminist Exegesis. Editors are Silvia Schroer (Bern) and Caroline Vander Stichele (Amsterdam). It has a user-friendly lay-out and the web site is available in German, French and English. For articles of interest to New Testament Scholars, see the Articles and Reviews page below.

By Jone Johnson Lewis: clear, helpful and annotated “” guide to women’s history, featuring extensive information on religion as well as other topics.

By Rebecca Unsoeld: A comprehensive home page on Feminist Theology with bibliography, original materials and links. Materials are available in German.

At Vanderbilt Divinity Library: bibliography and an excerpt from George Aichele (et al), The Postmodern Bible.

Edited by Paul Halsall, part of the Internet History Sourcebooks Project: extensive access to texts relevant to women’s history, featuring several of interest to the Biblical Scholar.

The Sunshine for Women Web site provides fine digests of many important works by feminist scholars. Note particularly the following:

Note: Sites marked with an * are no longer in existence but cached copies are available via and the links lead to the most recent copy of the site available.