At the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, this centre “exists to promote cartography and geographic information science as essential disciplines within the field of ancient studies”.  Many useful, high resolution, well documented reproductions of maps from print resources and elsewhere. Ever growing resource, now revised and expanded utilizing a blog format (November 2012). See especially maps of the Expansion of the Empire in the Age of Augustus, Greece, the Aegean and Western Asia Minor and Roman Empire in AD 69.

A section in De Imperatoribus Romanis, the on-line encyclopaedia of Roman Emperors. There are several maps here useful to the New Testament student. Note especially Selected Topographical Maps of the Ancient World.

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, The University of Texas at Austin: there are reproductions of many old maps here, several of which are useful to the Biblical student.

Seven maps of the ancient near east (Egypt, Sudan, The Levant, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran), locating primary archaeological sites, modern cities, and river courses set against a plain background. At the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.

A “clickable” map of “the Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent” from the 1907 Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography, adapted for the web by J. Vanderspoel.

Part of Lacus Curtius, Bill Thayer’s fine web site on Roman antiquity (University of Chicago). Features several detailed maps made in the 19th Century, including Greece, Asia Minor and Syria.

Four maps from the PBS site, the Roman Empire, the Communities of the Gospels, the Jewish Diaspora and the Spread of Christianity.

By Mahlon Smith: an excellent, clear map with hyperlinks to information on the places it charts. Part of the ever-useful resource Into His Own.

A section in the Luther Seminary’s Enter the Bible. Also includes an alphabetically organized “Places” section, with useful, concise descriptions of biblical locations.

Collection of 17 colour maps relevant to 1st Century Israel. Some of these maps are from older, out-of-copyright material; others are more recent. All are colour.

By K.C. Hanson: this web site (designed to accompany the book of the same name by Hanson and Douglas Oakman) features several old maps including Bethlehem and Nazareth.

An excellent collection of maps of Jerusalem from the fourth century to the present, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, taken from the book Jerusalem Through Maps & Views by Professor Rehav Rubin.

A useful site covering some of the same material as in the previous site from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A fascinating collection of different kinds of old maps of Jerusalem, “real”, imaginary and combinations of the two. Located at the Osher Map Library, University of Southern Maine.

From the “Franciscan Cyberspot” featuring “Early Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land”, this site provides maps and information from the “earliest Christian description of the Holy Places” — a fine site, well worth a visit.

This big history site features several maps and other features of interest to the Biblical student: see, for example, the clear maps of the Roman Empire and Palestine in the time of Christ.

Available as part of the University of Pennsylvania’s digitization of this classic work by Adolf Von Harnack, this site includes maps of the expansion of Christianity down to 325 CE (scroll down or search for “maps” on the page).

Features maps of Palestine in the time of Jesus and the missionary journeys of Paul; with several other resources.

Includes colour maps, viewable in either medium or large formats, of “Palestine in Christ’s Time” and Paul’s Missionary Journeys.

By Nancy A Carter: excellent annotated colour maps in different sizes of The Roman Empire, The Journeys of Paul, The Mediterranean World During the Time of Paul and Greece. The maps are unique to the Conflict and Community in the Corinthian Church web site.

By Glenn Davies: scanned and adapted from Lightfoot, Harmer & Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers. You can click on some points on the map to see more information.

“Bible Geography & Reference Software by MANNA”: a commercial site offering software featuring maps, photographs, chronologies and genealogies with a conservative slant. The link here goes to their sample map (in PDF format).

Several useful black & white bible maps, from Abraham to the New Testament; features Palestine in the time of Jesus and Paul’s missionary journeys. Part of a site called the Interactive Bible.

From The People’s New Testament of 1891.

Also from The People’s New Testament of 1891.

By Mike Campbell: a simple map of the cities in Revelation.

John King Lord, Atlas of the geography and history of the ancient world. Boston: B. H. Sanborn, 1902.

George Adam Smith, The historical geography of the Holy Land: especially in relation to the history of Israel and of the early church. 4th edition. New York: A. C. Armstrong and Son, 1897.

George Adam Smith and J. G. Bartholomew. Atlas of the historical geography of the Holy Land. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1915.