By Dr James Davila of St Andrews University, Scotland: this weblog began in March 2003 and provides regular, interesting notes of new publications, links of interest and articles from the world’s media, all relating to the topic of Ancient Judaism and Its Context.

Superb companion site for Phil Harland’s Associations in the Greco-Roman World. You an browse or search a large online database of inscriptions and papyri. Produced by Phil Harland in coordination also with John Kloppenborg and Richard Ascough.

Web site to accompany the book of the same name published in 2003 by Fortress;  aims to bring the social world of early Christians and Jews to life using inscriptions, monuments, archaeological finds, and literary texts from the Roman empire, especially Asia Minor.

By Donald Binder: a fine web site based on the author’s 1997 Southern Methodist University PhD dissertation, Into the Temple Courts: The Place of the Synagogues in the Second Temple Period.

An excellent site with an associated E-List.

By Loren Johns: a fine page featuring course materials, bibliography and all the best links for the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls

By Mahlon Smith: a useful compendium of annotated links — part of Virtual Religion Index

First class web site for a project led by Steve Mason. Includes full Greek texts of Josephus with English translations, and textual parallels. Also includes full text reproductions of some key secondary literature.

By G. J. Goldberg: a useful site on Josephus with basic bibliography, some unique material and a comprehensive set of Josephus links. The site focuses specially on the author’s theories about the Testimonium Flavianum.

You can read The Jewish War, Antiquities and Vita on-line in Greek at the Perseus site. This is a remarkable resource and like all the classical texts at the Perseus site, each word has a morphological analysis at the click of the mouse-button, including a link to Liddell-Scott’s Lexicon.

On-line in Whiston’s English translation, hosted by the Wesley Center for Applied Theology, Northwest Nazarene University, U.S.A.

Whiston’s translation, at Crosswalk.

By Torrey Seland: the place to begin one’s research on Philo.

An on-line journal on Judaism in the Greco-Roman world. It has an associated E-List, Ioudaios-L.

At the Hebrew University, Jerusalem: a useful resource featuring, among other things, an index of Ancient Jewish History Topics.

By Franz Böhmisch: the place to begin your internet research on Ben Sira: introduction, links, and massive, comprehensive bibliography.

By Dr James Davila: designed to accompany a course at the University of St Andrews which ran in 1997 and 1999.

By Thomas Knittel (University of Leipzig): an excellent German guide to the Pseudepigrapha featuring introductory material, bibliography and links. Particularly useful is the list of NT parallels to Pseudepigraphical texts.

By Mark Goodacre: a web page devoted to Joseph and Aseneth, established to coincide with a course I taught at the University of Birmingham in Spring 1999. The site features a translation of the text, an introduction, bibliography and links.

By Dr James Davila: a web page designed to accompany a course at the University of St Andrews which ran in 1998.

By Eliezer Segal: an award-winning resource for the study of post-Biblical Judaism

A Page of Talmud is particularly recommended; it features a fine introduction to The Mishnah.

By Reinhard G.Lehmann: useful, extensively annotated collection of links relevant to the study of Classical Hebrew, Aramaic Studies and Northwest Semitic epigraphy in general.