Other Directories

Arbeitsgemeinschaft neutestamentlicher Assistenten und Assistentinnenan evangelisch-theologischen Fakultäten: information on about 35 New Testament lecturers in German speaking Protestant faculties, compiled by Markus Oehler

A searchable directory of contact addresses for members of the Society of biblical Literature (SBL members only).

List of members of Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas.

Directory of members of the Catholic Biblical Association of America.

Short biographies of scholars subscribed to the Ioudaios E-List.

Features a list of fellows, with information on each, sometimes with lists of publications.

Homepage of the “working group of international scholars committed to the use of the social sciences in biblical interpretation”.

A list of members of the Tyndale Fellowship, based at Tyndale House, Cambridge, U.K., “an an international centre for biblical research, founded in a spirit of loyalty to the historic Christian faith”.