General Introduction and Learning

Electronic New Testament Educational Resources, by Felix Just, S.J.: an excellent, growing collection of materials “appropriate for beginning and advanced students, teachers, pastors, and others interested in the study of the Bible”. There is a wealth of useful material here including a glossary of important terms, a basic bibliography for students, overviews, charts and introductions to New Testament genres, books, backgrounds, authors and themes. Strongly recommended.

By Prof. Barry D. Smith of Atlantic Baptist University, Canada: a remarkable connection of introductory materials on the whole of the New Testament. The materials are divided into two sets, “Introducing the New Testament: A Workbook” and “Lecture Topics”. A very useful site, especially for students coming to the New Testament for the first time.

Excellent and extensive materials from The Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church. The site is both scholarly and devotional and provides well-designed introductions to the Bible in two parts, Origins & Formation and Interpretation & Authority. Strongly recommended.

By Prof. David Landry of the University of St Thomas, Minnesota, U.S.A.: a first class series of interactive, multimedia computer lessons on selected biblical texts, from both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Each lesson familiarises the student with critical issues arising from the Biblical text, often in interaction with representations of the passages in art.

Website for courses taught by Mr Martin at the Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NC. Includes the New Testament and Early Christianity: a growing collection of materials for students, “designed as a sort of internet textbook”. There is a wealth of useful material here including outlines to key issues in Biblical studies arranged by topic, an extended glossary of important terms, links to other sites and clear charts on material like the Infancy Narratives and the Passion Narratives. Perhaps the most enjoyable and useful elements in the site are the crosswords and quizzes that accompany each topic. Strongly recommended.

From the Luther Seminary in the U.S.A.: a very basic introductory resource. A more advanced version is available, but you may have to part with money to use it.

By Fred L. Horton, Jr., Kenneth G. Hoglund, and Mary F. Foskett of Wake Forest University: excellent index of all the technical terms that beginning students will need. If you have ever wondered what an “apophthegm”, a “pericope”, the “septuagint” or “koine” meant but never dared ask, this page is for you.

(New York: Harper & Brothers, 1950): complete reproduction on Religion-Online of a dated but still useful book with introductions to critical study of the New Testament, the canon and the text; and major parts on “The Gospels and the Life of Jesus”, “The Acts of the Apostles and the Growth of the Church”, “The Epistles and the Teaching of the Church” and “The Revelation of John and Christian Apologetic”.

(New York: Harper and Row, 1963): complete reproduction at Religion Online of an old but useful New Testament introduction, featuring chapters on on the canon, textual criticism, translation, literary criticism, historical criticism, theological understanding, the Gospels, the Epistles, Revelation, the Apostolic fathers, the Graeco-Roman world, Palestine, the life of Jesus and the mission of Paul.