General Biblical Resources

The Society of Biblical Literature’s home on the web. Visit this site for the SBL Review of Biblical Literature and other journals available to members only, information on congresses, research and publications.

An extensive and useful web site with its own on-line journal, links to other on-line Biblical articles and the full text of recent volumes of Biblica. Also featured is a Multi-Library Search, which searches THEOLDI, COPAC and PIB. This is an excellent site, but some sections, e.g. the Scriptural Index, are very out of date.

Massive resource centre for evangelical academic study of the Bible, the home of the Net Bible as well as of many useful articles about the Bible, lots of them by Prof. Dan Wallace. Several of the individual sections and articles are referenced on specific pages on The New Testament Gateway.

Editors: V. Cox and M. Elliott: a site dedicated to providing “the latest news, features, editorials, commentary, archaeological interpretation and excavations relevant to the study of the Bible for the public and biblical scholars”. This is a well-designed site with lots of links to the latest internet material on the Bible, and some original articles, with a special focus on Archaeology. The great value of this site is that it is so up-to-date — there are updates virtually every day.

By Tim Bulkeley: useful, well-designed and illustrated on-line dictionary with primary reference to the Hebrew Bible. See also Bulkeley’s excellent, pioneering site Postmodern Bible: Amos, to which this is connected.

By Robert Nguyen Cramer: a large site featuring an extensive bible commentary. Features many articles and a good bibliography; a useful site for students.

By Ferrell Jenkins of Florida College, U.S.A. (retired): links and resources for Bible Study including archaeology, biblical coins and more.