Biblical Resource Index Pages

By Torrey Seland: this was the pioneering directory of Biblical resources on the net, listing many useful sites, articles and resources on the Bible, texts and Biblical scholarship. It is now getting a bit long in the tooth, but it is still worth visiting.

By James Crossley and Deane Galbraith: a new website (begun January 2014) providing links to many online resources for scholars and students of Biblical literature. It is in a blog format with special emphasis on audio and video. Strong recommended.

By Christopher Heard: comprehensive, annotated directory of scholarly resources relating to the Hebrew Bible, opened in June 2000. In some ways this is an Old Testament counterpart to the New Testament Gateway, and it is strongly recommended.

By Roy Nicholson: a second useful, annotated directory of scholarly resources relating to the Hebrew Bible. Its primary means of organisation is by Biblical book.

By Mark Goodacre: this page enables you to go to one page to search a variety of the best Biblical Resources on the internet, from Bible texts to resource pages to E-Lists. This page is no longer being updated, though several of the resources are still usable.

By Franz Böhmisch: well-organised German-language guide to (mainly German) internet resources on the Bible. It has not been updated since 2005, but still has useful materials.

By Rodney Decker: a helpful page with a conservative slant and a special focus on NT Greek resources.

By Roy E. Ciampa: very useful series of links to materials on New Testament exegesis originally prepared for students at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, but this is not just an index page. Special features include a set of reference charts for NT textual criticism, tutorials for using several software and web resources, and some creative links to resources available at (including translations of early Jewish literature, scripture indices, Aland’s chart of synoptic parallels.

Part of a site founded by Mike Madin and now maintained by several contributors. A useful Gateway to Quality Resources. Among other sections is one on Christianity.

By Wieland Willker: lots of links of interest to the New Testament Scholar.

By David Instone Brewer: a useful library of links for the bible scholar, though now a bit long in the tooth.

By Jenee Woodard: offers “links to a wide variety of on-line resources for study and liturgy indexed according to the scripture lessons in the Revised Common Lectionary”. Although intended largely for clergy, there is much of interest to Biblical scholars and students.