Blogs provide one of the best ways to stay up to date with all the latest news, reviews and opinions in the academic study of the New Testament and Christian origins. There are now dozens of superb blogs available in this area. Since there are other excellent, up to date lists of current blogs in the area of Biblical Studies and related fields, this page draws attention to those lists rather than attempting to create its own. Note too that many individual blogs have good “blogrolls” that enable you to sample selections of the blogs.

Note: the term “biblioblog” is a label that has been applied to these blogs since 2004. Even though not ideal, the label has stuck, and blogs dealing with the academic study of the Bible and related areas are now referred to as “biblioblogs”.

This site, a spin-off from the now defunct blog of N T Wrong, provides a ranking of the biblioblogs on a month-by-month basis. The ranking is solely on the basis of statistics of popularity, i.e. numbers of unique visitors. The results are sometimes surprising and the comments are often quirky and entertaining.

The Biblical Studies Carnivals have been running almost every month since 2006. Tyler Williams organizes the carnivals, and he posts links to them all on this web page, but the volunteer to host the carnival is different every month. Reading the monthly carnival is the ideal way to catch up on everything that has been happening in the biblioblogosphere.

Searches all the blogs listed on the Biblioblog Top 50’s Complete List of Biblioblogs.

There is also a blog related to the current website:

The NT Gateway blog provides updates on all the latest additions to the NT Gateway, along with related material of interest.

The editor of the site also has his own academic blog:

This blog provides reviews, comments and opinions from Mark Goodacre and features the archives of the older NT Gateway blog, which began in 2003.