New Testament Bibliographies

From the Divinity Library, Vanderbilt University, U.S.A.: an annotated bibliography divided up into subjects (e.g. Textual Criticism, Rhetorical Criticism, Feminist/Womanist Criticism). Some idiosyncracies, but a useful resource for students.

By Alan Bill. Huge, 750 page PDF bibliography of materials on Jesus and the Gospels, covering the period up to 2000.

By William Harmless, S.J.: useful bibliographies on a variety of theological topics, including a section on New Testament including General, the Gospels, Paul, the Historical Jesus and Christology.

By C. L. Blomberg and W. W. Klein, the New Testament Department, Denver Seminary, U.S.A. Each year this NT Bibliography, divided into digestible sections, is updated. The 2009 version is now available. Part of Denver Journal. Very conservative.

By Rodney J. Decker: PDF bibliography for New Testament Theology; “primary focus is on actual published volumes that profess to be ‘NT theologies’.”

By Felix Just, S. J.: useful introductory bibliography for Biblical Studies students.

Part of the Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation web site based on the work of Vernon Robbins, maintained by David Charnon, Emory University.

Extensive, well organised bibliography by Craig S. de Vos.

Helpful bibliography section from the first class web site on Women and Gender in the Ancient World.

By Victor Matthews: bibliography of gender studies relating to the Ancient Near East, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and more.

By Loren L. Johns and William V. Trollinger: well organised bibliography touching on the origins of apocalypticism, Historical Jesus, interpretation of Revelation and more.

By Felix Just, S.J.: Comprehensive on-line bibliography on John’s Gospel and the Johannine epistles, part of the Johannine Literature web site, currently featuring printed books and electronic publications and including hyperlinks for on-line book reviews where available. The focus is primarily on English-language books (texts, commentaries, and studies) published since 1900.