Bibliographic Search Engines

An excellent, free bibliographical tool from the School of Theology at the University of Innsbruck: one can search quickly for books and articles in a comprehensive database. The first place to visit for Theological books and articles.

Very useful free bibliographical tool for books and articles on Biblical Studies.  Not as comprehensive a database as Theoldi but capable of quite complex and detailed searches, including use of Biblical languages. Site available in English, French and German.

Project emerging from the Research Libraries Group “designed for undergraduates using the Web and the libraries that support them”. delivers information from RLG members about more than 130 million books for education and research; and it links students back to their campus libraries for the books they select.

Useful bibliographical tool from Biblical Studies on the Web.  Search from this one starting point the extensive collections THEOLDI (at the University of Innsbruck), COPAC (Union of universities in the UK and Ireland), LCOC (Library of Congress Online Catalogue), PIB (Pontifical Biblical Institute) and articles in some on-line journals (e.g. Biblica).