The Paul Page: New, improved, and part of the family

The Paul Page by Mark Mattison has been on the web almost as long as the New Testament Gateway, set up as a site dedicated to the “New Perspective on Paul”. We are happy to announce that the Paul Page has now been updated and relaunched as part of the NT Gateway family of sites. Mark remains on board and he has invited others to get involved with the site too. With a new look, and a new CMS, The Paul Page is set to become stronger than ever. Like the NT Gateway, The Paul Page is hosted by Logos, and the site is already gaining from the partnership with Logos. I would like to thank Ryan Burns at Logos for his excellent work on this project, and add that I have enjoyed the discussions with both Mark Mattison and Ryan Burns on this project.

So please don’t waste any time and go and visit the new Paul Page now. It’s at the same URL, so you don’t need to adjust your bookmarks or your links. But you can now subscribe to the blog, and become a fan on Facebook. I’ll see you there.