Resource Pages

Stunning website by the Centre for NT textual criticism in Münster. Offers access to images of many mss, transcriptions (!), and more.

Great website – images, news on mss discoveries, and more.

By Timothy Seid: well designed, user friendly introduction to new Testament Textual Criticism featuring short essays, images, an exercise and a manuscript catalogue. A useful site, now returned to the web after an absence of over eighteen months.

Conceived by Rich Elliott and created by Robert B. Waltz: lots of articles arranged in an easily accessible index format, regularly updated.

By K. C. Hanson: a useful, well laid-out catalogue featuring introductory bibliography.

By Wieland Willker: another useful catalogue, limited to Greek NT Papyri.

The links section of TC (for which see further below), maintained by Jimmy Adair, provides a comprehensive guide to material on the internet material on Biblical textual criticism.

By Mahlon Smith: useful introductions to Codex Bezae, Codex, Diatessaron, Manuscript, Minuscule, Oxyrhynchus, Papyrus, Parchment, P64 & P67, Recension, Sinaiticus, Textual Criticism, Textus Receptus, Uncial, Vaticanus and Vellum.

The Transmission of the English Bible: an on-line exhibition from the University of Michigan, U.S.A., featuring some quality images, including a page of P46.

By Wieland Willker: Ambitious, thorough project to provide a complete on-line textual commentary on the Gospels.

By Bruce Terry: some fine introductory material for students, with a breakdown of each NT book into sections. Greek not required.

By David Trobisch: a new, illustrated on-line article by Prof. David Trobisch of Bangor Theological Seminary, U.S.A., adapted from the first chapter of the author’s Paul’s Letter Collection: Tracing the Origins (Fortress Press: Minneapolis, 1994).

Web site connected to an exhibition at Oregon State Library, U.S.A., featuring many images. The Book of Kells is an illuminated edition of the four Gospels dating from ninth century Ireland.

Outstanding web site featuring an easy-to-use digitised version the whole of Johann Gutenberg’s Bible (ca. 1454). You can choose how to view individual pages of text and you can explore all sorts of material connected with the Gutenberg Bible, essays on his life, achievement, background and more. Available in both German and English. A truly brilliant achievement.

By Wieland Willker: clear, illustrated web site devoted to Codex Vaticanus (B/03), including reflections on the recently discovered text-critical “umlaut” signs. This is a valuable addition to the extensive materials already made available on Wieland Willker’s Bible Pages.

The collection includes a few rare medieval and early modern editions of the Greek NT and versions, including Erasmus’  ΝΕΑ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ (1545 edition) and Novum Testament Graece et Latine (1558 edition). Excellent quality images.

Dirk Jongkind has edited Tregelles’s classic work, available for downloading as image or DOC files with unicode text.

27 NT papyri transcriptions on the website of the Birmingham (UK) based Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing.