By John D. Muccigrosso: a fine collection of links to internet sites dealing with papyri.

The papyrus home page of the Special Collections Library at Duke University, U.S.A. This resource features information and images of interest to the Biblical Scholar. Includes a special section on Religious Aspects, including New Testament papyri, and an essay by Peter van Minnen entitled Dating the Oldest New Testament Manuscripts.

The remarkable Perseus site is the home for the electronic version of the Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri (DDBDP). You can browse or you can do simple and complex searching — all available in Greek.

A fine web site on the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, hosted by Oxford University.

A “virtual exhibition” corresponding to that held in Oxford in the summer of 1998.

Bernard P. Grenfell & Arthur S. Hunt (eds.), The Oxyrhynchus papyri. (London: Egypt Exploration Fund).
Part 1 (1898); Part 2 (1899); Part 3 (1903); Part 4 (1904); Part 4 (alternative version); Part 5 (1908); Part 6 (1908); Part 7 (1910); Part 8 (1911); Part 9 (1912); Part 10 (1914); Part 11 (1915); Part 12 (1916); Part 13 (1919); Part 14 (1920).

Generalverwaltung der Koeniglichen Museen zu Berlin (ed.), Aegyptische Urkunden aus den Koeniglichen Museen zu Berlin. (Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung). – Band 1 (1895); Band 2 (1898); Band 3 (1903); Band 4 (1912). Transcriptions of documents from Egypt, many of which are in Greek.