Phil Harland’s Associations in the Greco-Roman World

I’m grateful to Phil Harland for letting me know about his fine new website:

Superb companion site for Phil Harland’s Associations in the Greco-Roman World. You an browse or search a large online database of inscriptions and papyri. Produced by Phil Harland in coordination also with John Kloppenborg and Richard Ascough.

I have added links to the Judaica and Archaeology pages.

Judaica and the PACE website

I have refreshed the Judaica page, getting rid of dead links, repairing broken ones, the usual drill. In this process, I came across a new site to me and I have added a link:

First class web site for a project led by Steve Mason. Includes full Greek texts of Josephus with English translations, and textual parallels. Also includes full text reproductions of some key secondary literature.

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