New Journal: Relegere

I’ve added a link to the new online journal Relegere over on the Journals page. Thanks to Deane Galbraith for letting me know about the new journal.

Journals page update

With thanks to Anton Viesel, Publishing Editor at SAGE Publications Ltd, I have brought the Journals page up to date, correcting and refreshing links to the Sage Journals.

Early Christianity

Added to the journals page. New journal (2010). No online presence as yet, but will likely come in the near future. Focus on early Christianity as an historical phenomenon (first and second century). Looks like a competitor to the Journal of Early Christian Studies and the like.

Update (MSG), 9am: I have linked also to the free sample journal that is available. While on the page, I also update both links to the Heythrop Journal (Wiley).

Tyndale Bulletin Online

I have adjusted the broken link to the Tyndale Bulletin over on the Journals page, adding the note that they have summaries of all articles from November 1993 and the full text of all articles from Volumes 1 (1956) to 56 (2005). Note that although there are links to volumes up to 2007, the full text availability is actually only available to 2005.

Journals page updated

Journals page: I have re-arranged the page and added a link to the great list of journals at Tyndale House:

This page lists journals held at Tyndale House (Cambridge, UK), as well as links to their online presense, but also links to freely available online journals. An excellent starting point for research.

Journal of Biblical Literature and Semeia

I have made a couple of adjustments to the Journals page, with thanks to Charles Bellinger for drawing it to my attention. The once free-for-all versions of many Semeia and JBL volumes on the SBL site have now disappeared. It is one of the more disappointing elements of running a sight like this when one discovers contraction in the availability of materials. Even the Semeia volumes that are still available at Ebind are linked to the web archive versions of those volumes.