Yale Bible Studies (video)

I have made changes to the Luke, John, and Paul pages to provide links to the Yale Bible Study series on Luke, John, Romans and 1 Corinthians. In each case, YBS offers eight half-hour videos of conversations between Harold Attridge and David Bartlett.

Luke-Acts Audio and Video Updated

I have updated the link to Luke-Acts Audio and Video page:

Lecture delivered at the MacLaurin Institute, 12 April 2007 (mp3).

I have also added the links to the following videos (with embedding too):

Video introduction to the Gospel of Luke, from the University of Nottingham’s Bibledex project:

Video introduction to Acts of the Apostles, from the University of Nottingham’s Bibledex project

By Richard Burridge; video produced by St John’s Nottingham.

More audio and video

I have added new audio and video pages for the following sections of the site:

Noncanonical Texts: Audio and Video
Gospels and Acts: Audio and Video
Mark’s Gospel: Audio and Video
Matthew’s Gospel: Audio and Video
Luke’s Gospel: Audio and Video
John’s Gospel: Audio and Video

At present, there are only a handful of links on each page, and they are largely audio, but my guess is that this is a growing area and I expect to see these pages more densely populated in the years to come. I have also updated the audio and video pages on Historical Jesus and Paul.

New Audio and Video Pages

I have added new Audio and Video pages here:

Paul the Apostle: Audio and Video

and here:

Historical Jesus: Audio and Video

New Podcast: Sects and Violence in the Ancient World

I have added a link to Steve Wiggins’s Sects and Violence in the Ancient World Podcast on the Podcasts page. And on a related note, there is a new episode of my NT Pod out today.


I have added a new page to the NT Gateway on podcasts. You can find it under Tools and Resources (at the bottom of the list), or go straight to it from here:


Podcasting in the area of academic Biblical Studies is still in its infancy and at present there are only four listed, Tim Bulkeley’s 5 Minute Bible, Phil Harland’s Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, Matt Page’s Jesus Films and my NT Pod. I launched the NT Pod in June and there are regular episodes, 5-8 minutes each, dealing with themes in New Testament and Christian origins. Note too that I often add additional programme notes over on the NT Blog.

I am aware of one other podcast, Syneidon, which has one episode so far (Feb. 2009). As soon as that develops into a series, I will add it to the list here too.

If you are aware of other academic Biblical Studies podcasts that I have missed, please leave a comment below. Thanks.