Synoptic Problem Web Sites

This is a page here on the New Testament Gateway dealing with online texts and synopses. You will find these useful in studying the Synoptic Problem.

By Stephen Carlson: a fine overview with lots of useful material including bibliography, coloured synopses in Greek, diagrams and explanations of hypotheses and now also reproductions of classic material on the Synoptic Problem by Abbott and Wood. This web site is constantly updated. It is the place to begin your study of the Synoptic Problem.

By Mahlon Smith: first class, user-friendly web site, providing useful introductions to the study of the Synoptic Problem, sample synopses and an extensive bibliography, all from the perspective of the dominant Two-Source Theory. A good place to begin one’s study of the Synoptic Gospels.

By Mark Goodacre: the home page for the Farrer theory, now acting also as a companion site to the book of the same name. Features introductory material, bibliography, articles by Farrer, Goulder, Hobbs and me, and answers to frequently asked questions. This is the site formally known as “World Without Q” and “Mark Without Q”.

By Mark Goodacre: companion web site for a book introducing the Synoptic Problem, featuring contents, excerpt and coloured synopses. Now includes the entire text of the book for free (New, 2011).

By Thomas Longstaff: home of the Griesbach Hypothesis, the theory that dispenses with both Q and Markan Priority. Features bibliography, articles and some sample colour synopses.

By Geoff Trowbridge: useful summary of William Farmer’s views.

By Brian Wilson: homepage for a distinctive theory. Sadly, Brian Wilson died in February 2002.

By Ron Price: homepage for a theory that Luke was familiar with Matthew, Mark and Q.

Discussion List

Academic E-list for the discussion of the Synoptic Gospels, established in 1998 and formerly hosted at the University of Birmingham. This is now at Yahoo!Groups. For details, visit the Synoptic-L Web Site