I have added a new page to the NT Gateway on podcasts. You can find it under Tools and Resources (at the bottom of the list), or go straight to it from here:


Podcasting in the area of academic Biblical Studies is still in its infancy and at present there are only four listed, Tim Bulkeley’s 5 Minute Bible, Phil Harland’s Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, Matt Page’s Jesus Films and my NT Pod. I launched the NT Pod in June and there are regular episodes, 5-8 minutes each, dealing with themes in New Testament and Christian origins. Note too that I often add additional programme notes over on the NT Blog.

I am aware of one other podcast, Syneidon, which has one episode so far (Feb. 2009). As soon as that develops into a series, I will add it to the list here too.

If you are aware of other academic Biblical Studies podcasts that I have missed, please leave a comment below. Thanks.


  1. Derek Leman says:


    I am not an academic (just a rabbi, writer, blogger, and tweeter) but I have a podcast that might qualify. You can find it on iTunes by searching Yeshua in Context or at derekleman.com

    It is called Yeshua in Context and has 10 minute talks citing a variety of scholars seeking to understand Jesus in his historical context to better follow him in our own (so it combines academic discussion with practical).

    Anyway, glad to see the work you are doing making NT Studies info accessible to so many.


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