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New on the Greek NT Gateway Computer Software page:

By Danny Zacharias. New site (released 2012) providing multimedia resources for learning New Testament Greek including the ParseGreek app for mobile platforms. Some free materials, some with small fees.


  1. Jeanne Smith says:


    I am writing a poem and need the New Testament Greek word for “heaven.”

  2. Jeanne Smith says:


    This is an unusual request, I believe, but I am writing a poem and need the Greek word for “heaven.” I would like it transliterated into Roman letters so it would be easier to pronounce for English speakers who read it.
    If you so desire, I would be willing to send you a copy of the poem after it has been edited to my satisfaction. The poem is called, “Ashes – ‘Mi’ After My ‘Me’ -or- ‘Beauty in Living, Peace in Dying.’

    Thank you very much for your help.
    Dr. Jeanne Jacoby Smith
    email: jsmithks@cox.net

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