Gospel of Thomas

By Mike Grondin: highly recommended for study of Gospel of Thomas; includes an interlinear Coptic-English translation available either in a page-by-page version or in a saying-by-saying version. Also available is a Coptic-English lexicon designed by Grondin to aid in reading Thomas as well as a range of other features.

By Sytze van der Laan: the return to the web of an excellent site that first appeared in 1995, but went off-line in 2000. This is a well-designed site with an excellent presentation of the Greek fragments of Thomas, and a full bibliography on Thomas (up to date as far as 1998). The site promises an edition of the Coptic text too.

By Peter Kirby: collected commentary on the Gospel of Thomas, with text and translations, saying by saying. See also the related resources at Early Christian Writings: Gospel of Thomas.

By Stevan Davies. This page has been on the internet since 1995 and provides lots of links to Thomas research on the web.

By Andrew Bernhard: “The mission of gospels.net is to facilitate easy access to reliable, up-to-date resources for the study of early Christian gospels not included in the New Testament, especially the Gospel of Thomas.”

By John Marshall; one can view this alongside translations of the Canonical Gospels on the same site, Five Gospels Parallels. Lambdin’s Translation is also available here at the Gnostic Society Library.

By Stephen Patterson & Marvin Meyer. Provided on Stevan Davies’s Gospel of Thomas Homepage. See this site also for translations into other languages. The Scholars translation is also available here at the Gnostic Society Library.

By Paterson Brown of the Ecumenical Coptic Project: an independent introduction, translation and commentary on Thomas. Also includes introduction, text and commentary on the Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Truth. These resources are also available in PDF format.

Email discussion list for the Gospel of Thomas; one of the stronger academic e-lists in the area of Christian origins.