Introducing Holger Szesnat

As many of you will have noticed, there is a new editor on the team here at the NT Gateway, Dr Holger Szesnat. Holger is director of studies, lecturer and educational technologist at the Eastern Region Ministry Course in Cambridge. Holger has been a long time supporter of the NT Gateway and for many years he has been one of the most useful resources in providing recommendations for new links on the site. I am really grateful to Holger for joining the team here and I know he will receive a warm welcome from all users of the NT Gateway.

Holger Szesnat

Holger Szesnat


  1. Cool! It’s always good to get multiple hands on deck for such an important resource. I look forward to your work Holger!

  2. Annissa says:

    I wanted to know if you knew any of the Szesnat’s in Colonie New York. I am one of them and wanted to know if you knew any of them/us.

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