General Resources

An extensive, professionally designed web site accompanying the American PBS television programme of the same name. A marvellous resource full of well-organised, useful information, though with a marked North American bias.

By Mahlon Smith: the web site for information on the famous ‘Jesus Seminar’. This site is a useful resource and features links to material written by both the fellows of the Jesus Seminar and its critics.

The slick, official page of the Westar Institute, the home of the Jesus Seminar, featuring on-line reproductions of articles by several of the fellows.

By Mahlon Smith: A first class site exploring the world in which Jesus lived by means of well-organised, newly translated primary texts and other material. A major web resource, strongly recommended.

By James Tabor: an excellent resource with a variety of essays, pictures and pieces of information on the Judaism in the first Century, the New Testament and Christian origins.

By K. C. Hanson & Douglas E. Oakman: an excellent web page to accompany the book of the same name.

By Cam Howard: a splendid looking, useful web site based on the work of Marcus Borg.

By Alan Humm: an interesting site with information on Jesus from Josephus and other Jewish sources.

A Beliefnet site in association with American television programme “Peter Jennings Reporting” airing on June 26 2000. The site provides some useful overview materials and articles from (mainly American) scholars (John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, Robert Funk, Paula Fredriksen, Marvin Meyer, N. T. Wright etc.) including lots of bite-size quotations. A particularly useful site for the beginning student or the interested enquirer. See also “Ask the Scholars” listed under Discussions below.