Audio and Video

NT Pod

By Mark Goodacre. Podcasts about the Historical Jesus in the NT Pod series.

BBC Radio 4 Documentary series In the Footsteps of Jesus from 2005, presented by Edward Stourton and produced by Phil Pegum. Four episodes, Galilee – Jesus the Jew, Jerusalem – Jesus the God, Rome – Jesus the King, India – Jesus the Guru, all available in full via audio stream. Features E. P. Sanders, Geza Vermes, N. T. Wright, Richard Burridge and Mark Goodacre.

BBC Radio Two documentary presented by Sir Derek Jacobi and produced by Michael Wakelin. This was a six part series which aired in 2003. This is episode five, on Jesus. Available from the BBC via audio stream.

BBC Radio FiveLive Documentary presented by Clive Anderson, first aired on Christmas Day, 2002. Features N. T. Wright, Geza Vermes, Mark Goodacre, Robert Beckford, John Shelby Spong. Available from the BBC via audio stream.

One-hour talk by Jerome Murphy O’Connor (in Real Audio), sponsored by the American Friends of the École Biblique (St. Vincent Ferrer Church, River Forest, Illinois, U.S.A., 17 June 1999): “Jesus in Galilee: A Lecture on the Historical Roots of the First Half of the Gospel” (URL currently not working).

By Phil Harland. A series of podcasts on the Historical Jesus from the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean blog.

Several video clips from the Westar Institute, several touching on the Historical Jesus, including John Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg.

Ten minute video from St John’s Nottingham: