A complete, on-line grammar available at the Perseus Site. This grammar is also available as a PDF from Textkit.

A more introductory grammar, also by Smyth (see above), from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

By Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox. An excellent resource also at the Perseus site containing “a short description of the elements of Greek Syntax that most students will encounter in first and second year Greek”. Each section contains an example that is linked to the texts in the Perseus digital library and a link to Smyth’s Greek Grammar (previous link).


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Robert Walter Funk, A beginning-intermediate grammar of Hellenistic Greek. 3 vols., 2nd ed. (Sources for Biblical Study 2.) Missoula: Society of Biblical Literature, 1973). – The complete text of Funk’s grammar, available online as HTML documents. (The paradigms and index are still incomplete.)

William Watson Goodwin, A Greek grammar. Rev. and enl. ed. (Boston: Ginn & Company, 1892). – At Textkit, who write “Goodwin’s Greek Grammar stands with Hadley’s Greek Grammar as one of the most widely used and longest running Greek Grammars in America. The grammar has gone through many editions and reprints for over 130 years, with the last major edition appearing in 1930.” In PDF format.

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