Computer Software

High-end Software

Logos puts an entire bookcase of Bibles and Bible reference titles one mouse-click away. Logos has dedicated years of research and development to bring you a system that combines full features with full automation, creating software that is both powerful and easy to use. Using the Libronix database engine, the system integrates both biblical texts and a wide range of secondary literature: a great tool for any New Testament student. Runs on Windows and Mac/Apple platforms.

Developed for a Windows platform, BibleWorks concentrates on biblical texts in Greek and Hebrew as well as a wide range of versions and some select high-end additional tools (dictionaries; Dead Sea Scrolls texts; etc.). A great tool.

Accordance Bible software has long been recognized as a wonderful tool for Mac/Apple users, with a range of texts and resources not unlike that offered by Bible Works.

Inexpensive or free software

Olive Tree provides the best free solution to those looking for Bible software, with a range of modules, some for free and some not.

By Danny Zacharias. New site (released 2012) providing multimedia resources for learning New Testament Greek including the ParseGreek app for mobile platforms. Some free materials, some with small fees.

By Dag Kihlman: an excellent, free programme (shareware) designed to help you improve your Greek. Some elements, like the “hangman” game, are good fun too. Version 2.2 now available (January 2000).

By Gonzalo Diaz and Mariana Esplugas: excellent, free programme for the PC and the Mac. Download this and use it to conjugate your verbs (Classical Greek); an enjoyable and useful resource.

Excellent free programmes for help with learning Greek including “Flashworks”.

A free, fun quiz programme to test you on your New Testament Greek vocabulary — recommended.

By Jamie Macleod: Greek and Hebrew word flash card software for the Palm Personal Organizer. You can use this to help you to learn your Greek and Hebrew vocabulary when away from your PC, on the bus perhaps, or in the doctor’s surgery. Pocket Scholar also available (beta).

By Steven Craig Miller. Click on the link to download a macro which facilitates sorting in MS Word a list of accented Greek words in Greek alphabetical order. Instructions on how to use the macro and exactly what it does is in a PDF file, while the macro itself is in a text file entitled “ConvertUnicodeGreek2Uppercase”. For security reasons, a copy of the macro is also in the PDF file. This archive is hosted here at the NT Gateway, but if you have any questions, please e-mail the author of the macro at:

Page by Russell Cottrell which offers links to  a range of unicode fonts for polytonic Greek, including his own creation, Aristarcoj.

Originally desgined as a free programme to access the data on the TLG CD-ROM (now available exclusively as a subscription-only online service), this excellent piece of software incorporates the great Liddle-Scott dictionary for offline work.

This is a Mozilla Firefox plugin, currently under development (alpha stage), which is worth watching. It integrates freely accessible lexical data (Latin and Greek), mostly from the Perseus database, into  a browser-based text-reading interface: “In our first release we are illustrating the functionality of the software using specially enhanced Latin and Greek texts on our own website, and texts without such enhancements on a few other selected web sites. In the future we will be providing more enhanced Latin and Greek texts as well as texts in other languages. We will also be making the basic functionality of these tools (providing dictionary definitions and grammatical information) available for use with all texts in standard HTML and appropriate Unicode encoding on any web site, or on your own computer.” Currently limited to a few texts, this will be a great tool once it can handle  other html and unicode texts.

This is an excellent free toolbar for Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, Safari or Flock, written by David Instone-Brewer. It offers a great deal of options for searching various websites (including Perseus), translation services, Bible verses lookup, etc. – all linking to recognized scholarly resourcesl freely available online. A great tool.