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NT Pod

By Mark Goodacre. Podcasts on Luke’s Gospel in the NT Pod series.

By Phil Harland. A series of podcasts on the theme “Early Christian Portraits of Jesus” from the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean blog. Includes two podcasts on Luke’s Gospel.

Lecture delivered at the MacLaurin Institute, 12 April 2007 (mp3).


A series of eight half-hour conversations: Harold Attridge and David Bartlett. Available courtesy of Yale Bible Study. The quality of the Youtube versions linked from the website appears to be better than the mpeg version offered on-site.

Video introduction to the Gospel of Luke, from the University of Nottingham’s Bibledex project:

Video introduction to Acts of the Apostles, from the University of Nottingham’s Bibledex project:

By Richard Burridge; video produced by St John’s Nottingham.

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