Introductory Materials

Introductory and General

A student booklet introducing Mark’s Gospel for undergraduate students (Note: MS Word document).

An element among the on-line course materials for The New Testament and Its Context at Atlantic Baptist University.

Helpful introductory article (at The Biblical Studies Foundation).

Chapter 8 in A Historical Introduction to the New Testament (New York: Harper & Row, 1963), reproduced on Religion-Online.

Chapter 7 in An Introduction to the New Testament (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1950), reproduced on Religion-Online.

Article in the Catholic Encyclopaedia (1910) [Note: old-fashioned]

Web Sites

By Jenee Woodard: comprehensive and well-organized index to web resources on Mark, including both general resources and a Scripture Index.

By Carl Conrad: new translation and textual commentary on Mark’s Gospel — recommended.

By Jeanie Crain: useful introductory on-line study on Mark, arranged chapter by chapter.