Websites and Introductory

Web Sites

By Prof. Felix Just, S.J.: Materials for the Study of the The Fourth Gospel & The Letters of John: this web site is the starting-point for Johannine research on the internet, with both original material and an extensive series of annotated links to Johannine resources on the internet. Strongly recommended.

By Armand J. Gagne Jr.: an extensive bibliography on John.

By Hall Harris: a useful starting point for study of John.

The E-List devoted to the academic discussion of the Gospel and Epistles of John.

By Jenee Woodard: comprehensive and well-organized index to web resources on John, including both general resources and a Scripture Index.

Introductory & General

Leopold Fonck, “The Gospel of Saint John”, Catholic Encyclopaedia (1910)

Robert M. Grant, “The Gospel of John”, Chapter 11 in A Historical Introduction to the New Testament (New York: Harper & Row, 1963), reproduced on Religion-Online.

Richard Heard, “The Gospel of John”, Chapter 10 in An Introduction to the New Testament (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1950), reproduced on Religion-Online.

Barry D. Smith, “The Gospel of John”, an element among the on-line course materials for The New Testament and Its Context at Atlantic Baptist University.

Daniel B. Wallace, “The Gospel of John: Introduction, Argument, Outline”, on-line article (at The Biblical Studies Foundation).