By Mahlon Smith: first class, user-friendly web site, providing useful introductions to the study of the Synoptic Problem, sample synopses and an extensive bibliography. A good place to begin one’s study of the Synoptic Gospels.

By Stephen Carlson: a fine overview with lots of useful material including bibliography, coloured synopses in Greek, diagrams and explanations of hypotheses and now also reproductions of classic material on the Synoptic Problem by Abbott and Wood. This web site is constantly updated. It is the place to begin your study of the Synoptic Problem.

By Mark Goodacre: web site for the Society of Biblical Literature Synoptic Gospels Section.

Visit this section in The New Testament Gateway for comprehensive listing of many more web sites, articles and other resources relating to the Synoptic Problem and the Q hypothesis.

By Geoff Trowbridge: a fine introduction to the New Testament and related literature.

By Andrew Bernhard: fine web resource featuring introductions, fresh translations, bibliography and links on canonical, non-canonical and hypothetical gospels. Strongly recommended.

By Jenee Woodard: useful guide to what is available on the web on Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts, including both general resources and a Scripture Index.

Some useful, well presented summaries on the Gospels from the web site related to the American documentary From Jesus to Christ. Includes comments from Michael White, Helmut Koester and Elaine Pagels.

By Rodney Decker: an annotated compendium of useful links.

By Felix Just, S.J.: excellent illustrated and hyperlinked page detailing the history of the attributions of the symbols (human, lion, ox, eagle) to the four evangelists.