Getting the E-Lists page up to date

My attention has turned now to the E-Lists page. In the early days of the web, Email discussion lists were exciting new places to do scholarship. Although the glory days of several of the e-lists has gone, and several others have vanished, there are still some thriving email discussion lists and I would like to make sure that my list here is fully up to date. Please take a look at the page and let me know if I have anything important missing.  A few notes on the lists that appear to have fallen on hard times:

– Acts-L appears to be no more and I have deleted the link. Even the old archives appear to have disappeared.

– Biblical Languages appears to have seized up in 2005, or has it moved elsewhere?

– Corpus Paulinum appears to have seized up. According to the archive, the last message sent was in April 2008, and that was the first since the previous October.

– Elenchus is, I think, long dead. I have deleted the link.

– Ioudaios has been defunct since 2004, as far as I can tell.

I’d be grateful for any comments if anyone has further information.