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Addition to Matthew: Articles and Chapters in Books

Barbara Reid’s very useful introductory commentary on Matthew in the New Collegeville Bible Commentary: New Testament is available in toto at the Liturgical Press website: link added.

Barbara E. Reid, “The Gospel according to Matthew.” In: New Collegeville Bible commentary: New Testament. Ed. Daniel Durken. (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2009), pp. 1-90.

‘Older Works’

We have re-structured pages that have older books (generally: pre-1950) listed on them. In each case, such works are listed under their own heading immediately following ‘Books and Dissertations’. We hope that this will make it easier to find contemporary material. Of course, some items are borderline matters.

The exception so far have been the ‘Greek NT Gateway’ pages, the re-structuring of which present a more complex problem which we will tackle in the future.

Additions: Women and Gender

Several additions to the following two pages:

Books and Dissertations

Articles and Reviews

Additions: Textual Criticism: Papyrology

Textual Criticism: Papyrology

Generalverwaltung der Koeniglichen Museen zu Berlin (ed.), Aegyptische Urkunden aus den Koeniglichen Museen zu Berlin. (Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung). – Band 1 (1895); Band 2 (1898); Band 3 (1903); Band 4 (1912). Transcriptions of documents from Egypt, many of which are in Greek.

Book Series Updated

I have updated the Book Series page, refreshing and updating the links to SBL Series, with thanks to Joe Weaks.

Gospel of John links refreshed and updated

I have corrected lots of broken links on the John’s Gospel Websites and Introductory page. I have also added a link to my NT Pod on the John’s Gospel Audio and Video Page, and also to the Bibledex video on John.

Paul the Apostle General Resources Updated

I have refreshed the section on Paul: The Apostle General Resources, correcting broken links and re-ordering.

Additions to: Textual Criticism: Papyrology

Textual Criticism: Papyrology

Bernard P. Grenfell & Arthur S. Hunt (eds.), The Oxyrhynchus papyri. (London: Egypt Exploration Fund).
Part 1 (1898); Part 2 (1899); Part 3 (1903);
Part 4 (1904); Part 4 (alternative version); Part 5 (1908);
Part 6 (1908); Part 7 (1910); Part 8 (1911); Part 9 (1912); Part 10 (1914); Part 11 (1915);
Part 12 (1916); Part 13 (1919); Part 14 (1920).

Additions: Paul: General: Articles

Paul – general – articles

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