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Web Sites

By Felix Just, S.J.: excellent material on all things connected with Revelation — the text, commentaries, books, courses, articles and more. This is the place to begin one’s internet research on the Apocalypse.

By Felix Just, S.J.: valuable, comprehensive listing of art related to Revelation available on the internet.

A fine, professional web site from the American PBS television company, designed to accompany the programme of the same name. Features extensive materials on Revelation including an article by Michael White, interviews with scholars (Paula Fredriksen, James Tabor, Adela Yarbro Collins, John Collins etc.), video clips and more. Like the similar site from PBS, From Jesus to Christ, this site is strongly recommended.

“The Book of Revelation from Rome To Waco” by Robert M. Royalty: an excellent site with original content from courses taught at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Center for Anglican Life and Learning in 1997, and Wabash College in 1999. Ideal for anyone looking into the history of interpretation of the Apocalypse.

Extensive listing of resources on Revelation from Jenee Woodard’s ever-useful Text This Week.

Resources for the Study and Appreciation of Revelation by Loren L. Johns: a nicely-presented compendium of the best links available for the study of Revelation. See too The Lamb in the Rhetorical Program of the Apocalypse of John, an article by Johns.

By Craig Koester: nicely illustrated web tour around the seven cities of Revelation 2-3. Well designed, clear and ideal for those beginning their study of Revelation.

From the POxy On-Line web site, a short anonymous article, with image, of the recently published papyrus fragment of Revelation giving the number of the beast as 616.


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