Additions to Greek software and lexica pages

Two additions to the Greek lexica and the Greek software (free section) pages:
Originally designed as a free programme to access the data on the TLG CD-ROM (now available exclusively as a subscription-only online service), this excellent piece of software incorporates the great Liddle-Scott dictionary for offline work.
Alpheios Project
This is a Mozilla Firefox plugin, currently under development (alpha stage), which is worth watching. It integrates freely accessible lexical data (Latin and Greek), mostly from the Perseus database, into  a browser-based text-reading interface: “In our first release we are illustrating the functionality of the software using specially enhanced Latin and Greek texts on our own website, and texts without such enhancements on a few other selected web sites. In the future we will be providing more enhanced Latin and Greek texts as well as texts in other languages. We will also be making the basic functionality of these tools (providing dictionary definitions and grammatical information) available for use with all texts in standard HTML and appropriate Unicode encoding on any web site, or on your own computer.” Currently limited to a few texts, this will be a great tool once it can handle  other html and unicode texts.