Additions: Textual Criticism

Have added a few dissertations to the Textual Criticism: Books and Dissertations page:

Amy Sue Anderson, 1999. Codex 1582 and Family 1 of the gospels: the Gospel of Matthew. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 1999). [Free access on registration; ]

Arthur Cunningham, The New Testament text of St. Cyril of Alexandria. (PhD diss. University of Manchester, 1995). [Free access on registration; ]

J. G. Heimerdinger, The contribution of discourse analysis to textual criticism: a study of the Bezan text of Acts. (PhD diss. University of Wales, 1994.) [Free access on registration; ]

H. A. G. Houghton, Augustine’s citations and text of the Gospel according to John. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 2006.) [Free access on registration; ]

Christopher Robert Dennis Jordan, The textual tradition of the Gospel of John in Greek gospel lectionaries from the middle Byzantine period. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 2010.)

Jeffrey John Kloha. A textual commentary on Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians. 4 volumes. PhD diss. (University of Leeds, 2006.) [Free access on registration; ]

Amy Catherine Myshrall. Codex Sinaiticus, its correctors, and the Caesarean text of the Gospels. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 2005). [Free access on registration; ]


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  2. Reed Hamil says:

    Dr. Goodacre:

    Unless I’ve messed something up, it appears that only three of the seven links provided work, which are Amy Sue Anderson’s, Arthur Cunningham’s, and Christopher Robert Dennis Jordan’s dissertations. The other four only result in a “Failed to Open Page” response.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the materials provided; keep them coming!

    Grace and peace,
    -Reed Hamil

  3. Reed Hamil says:

    I think I might have discovered the problem: the links that don’t work link to “”, whereas the ones that do go to “”. “” doesn’t appear to exist.
    I hope this helps, and if not, tell me I’m a nuisance and to… I don’t know, Tweet about it or something. :) Thanks!

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