Additions: Textual Criticism

Have added a few dissertations to the Textual Criticism: Books and Dissertations page:

Amy Sue Anderson, 1999. Codex 1582 and Family 1 of the gospels: the Gospel of Matthew. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 1999). [Free access on registration; ]

Arthur Cunningham, The New Testament text of St. Cyril of Alexandria. (PhD diss. University of Manchester, 1995). [Free access on registration; ]

J. G. Heimerdinger, The contribution of discourse analysis to textual criticism: a study of the Bezan text of Acts. (PhD diss. University of Wales, 1994.) [Free access on registration; ]

H. A. G. Houghton, Augustine’s citations and text of the Gospel according to John. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 2006.) [Free access on registration; ]

Christopher Robert Dennis Jordan, The textual tradition of the Gospel of John in Greek gospel lectionaries from the middle Byzantine period. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 2010.)

Jeffrey John Kloha. A textual commentary on Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians. 4 volumes. PhD diss. (University of Leeds, 2006.) [Free access on registration; ]

Amy Catherine Myshrall. Codex Sinaiticus, its correctors, and the Caesarean text of the Gospels. (PhD diss. University of Birmingham, 2005). [Free access on registration; ]