Additions: Historical Jesus and Pastoral Epistles

Three journal articles from Neotestamentica were added to the Historical Jesus pages and the Pastoral Epistles pages:

Historical Jesus pages

Peter F. Craffert, “Beetroot, Garlic, Lemon and Jesus in the Fight against HIV/AIDS: Historical Jesus Research as an Antidote for Religious and Folk Exploitation.Neotestamentica 44.2 (2010) 292-306.

Halvor Moxnes, “Ethnography and Historical Imagination in Reading Jesus as an Exorcist.” Neotestamentica 44.2 (2010) 327-341.

Pastoral Epistles page

Sebastian Fuhrmann, “Saved by Childbirth: Struggling Ideologies, the Female Body and a Placing of 1 Tim 2:15a“. Neotestamentica 44.1 (2010) 31-46.