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New Mark Audio and Video

I’ve added several links to this page: Gospel of Mark Audio and Video page — Paula Gooder on The Gospel of Mark (St John’s Nottingham) — Bibledex on the Gospel of Mark (Nottingham University) — Complete performances of Mark by Eric Wehrlin (German) and Max McLean (English) I have written a little about the latter […]

Additions: Mark: articles

Mark, Articles Felipe L. Doldán, “¿Es Abbá todavía un caso único?” Revista Biblica 61.2-3 (1999) 81-97. Charles H. Dyer, “The purpose for the Gospel of Mark.” In: Stanley D. Toussaint & Charles H. Dyer (eds.), Essays in Honor of J. Dwight Pentecost. (Chicago: Moody Press, 1986), pp. 49-62. Donald H. Juel, “The way of the […]

Additions: Mark: Books and Dissertations

Mark, Books and dissertations Wilhelm Bousset & Wilhelm Heitmüller (eds.), Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments: neu übersetzt und für die Gegenwart erklärt: Erster Band: Die drei älteren Evangelien. 3., verb. und verm. Aufl. (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1917). Luis Díez Merino, Il figlio dell’uomo nel vangelo della passione: ‘Il figlio dell’uomo deve patire’ (Mc 14,21.27.41; […]

Mark articles page update

I have repaired some of the links and added an article on the Mark articles page: Bradley R. Trick, “Death, Covenants, and the Proof of Resurrection in Mark 12:18-27”. NovT 49 (2007): 232-56. Please see the updated page.

Additions to Mark

Cleaned up the Mark: Books and Articles page; removed dead links. Divided it into two: Books and Pages (new), and Articles. Added content: A. Books and Dissertations Friedrich Blass, Philology of the Gospels. (New York: Macmillan, 1898). Bennett Harvie Branscomb, The Gospel of Mark. (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1937). Scott Gregory Brown, The More […]

Gospel of Mark

Mark Goodacre

Mark Goodacre is the creator and editor of the NT Gateway. Bio Mark Goodacre is an Associate Professor in New Testament at the Department of Religion, Duke University, North Carolina, USA. He earned his MA, M.Phil and DPhil at the University of Oxford and was Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham until 2005. His […]

Apologies for the site problems

This is just a quick blog post to apologize for the current appearance of the NT Gateway. It looks like someone has been experimenting with the site over at Logos and I’m in touch with them to find out what is happening as a matter of urgency. Hope to have the normal service resumed as […]

Additions to Romans

Have added some items to the Romans page: James Alison, “”But the Bible Says…”? A Catholic Reading of Romans 1″. (2004). William B. Badke, “Baptised into Moses — Baptised into Christ: A Study in Doctrinal Development”. Evangelical Quarterly 60 (1988) 23-29. Mark D. Baker & J. Ross Wagner, “Reading Romans in Hurricane-Ravaged Honduras: A Model […]

Additions: Corinthian correspondence

A few additions to the 1-2 Corinthians page: Ernest Austin Adams, The Development of Biblical Views on the General Resurrection of the Dead. PhD thesis, University of Johannesburg, 2001. Evelyn Ashley, Paul’s Paradigm for Ministry in 2 Corinthians: Christ’s Death and Resurrection. PhD thesis, Murdoch University, 2006. Jeremy Barrier, “Visions of Weakness: Apocalyptic Genre and […]